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A better wine experience, tailored to your taste.

Our mission

Help open up great wine to more people. More sustainable, fun & inclusive.

Hi we're Stephen & Andy

We're two Kiwi friends who reconnected by chance around an idea we both passionately share but arrived at from different paths. We both believe that wine can be SO MUCH more enjoyable if people find wine that was right for their unique taste and know that their wine comes from quality caring producers and farmers. Simple right?

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Tongue twisting names. Arcane etiquette. Confusing labels...

Let's wine a better way

Different styles. Tongue twisting names. Arcane etiquette. Confusing labels. Stickers galore. Buying wine can be scary, confusing and, let’s be honest, pretty snobby even for the most seasoned wine "pro". At Stompy, we set out to finally make wine a truly personalized experience that's fun and easy. And, to get better wine inside you!

It starts with the makers

At Stompy we curate and introduce you to more of the wines & producers we'd share with our friends. We want to bring you better access to talented rising producers and established smaller producers. Producers who are all making wines in a more sustainable and honest way. It's all about less B.S. for you and the planet.

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What "MW" means at the end of my name

After completing the exams and publishing my research paper, I gained admittance into the Institute of Masters of Wine in 2016 (which has 419 members around the world now). That permits me to use the MW title, which stands for Master of Wine. The restaurants and hotels I've worked for, as sommelier or consultant, have accumulated over a dozen international wine list awards. I also spend a large amount of my time working with small lists too, including New Zealand's first natural wine bar (which ran from 2010 to 2018). Behind the scenes, I've been lucky to instigate the creation of two natural wine festivals in NZ. As an educator, you can find me speaking at conferences or judging at wine shows across Australasia and Asia.

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Building taste accuracy for everyone

Our technology makes it easy to find wine that suits anyone’s taste, no matter what their level of knowledge. We depart from traditional industry wine language and introduce a more holistic way to describe how and why people like (or dislike) different wines. Stompy’s algorithm tracks each person’s preferences for more than 900 subtle variations in wine flavor to create a detailed taste map that is unique to each person, like a fingerprint.