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One-off orders built to your unique taste

A taste customized box in seconds, every time. Once you're done our taste quiz your Stompy taste profile learns with every wine your enjoy then rate. Ever had a taste smart box of wine?

Start your taste profile
Dispatched next business day
Every order customized for you
No subscription required, no commitments
Don't love a bottle, we'll refund you it

Your box, built to your unique taste map

Start Stompy with our Taste Mapper quiz or grab an Explore Pack of wine to kickstart your unique taste profile. We measure your preference to over 900 subtle variations in wine flavor with our new taste system.

Taste onboard to build box

Sip & rate, Stompy learns

Each wine you rate on Stompy immediately gives your unique taste map accurate data for our system to continue building a detailed understanding of your taste. A simple rating from 1 to 5 hearts. Easy!

Set & adjust styles, anytime

Maybe you want all whites one week and reds with some rose the next. No probs! Rate color styles (red, white, rosé & orange) as well as sparkling and natural. We'll match wines to your taste based on your style ratings.

Two simple price tiers

Our Tier $ wines are priced at $24.99 or Tier $$ are priced at $34.99. We blend our curated wines' prices into two simple tiers so we can pack in as much taste match accuracy as possible. You can pick from a 4 or 6 bottle box.

Shop by dietary & methods

Stompy orders can be customized and selections filtered by your specific dietary needs. Pick vegan, organic, or natural and only those category of wines will bubble up for you.


Swap to see another match

Sometimes we just don't feel like a certain wine. Don't sweat it! Just mash the "SWAP" button, and in pops your next best match based on your current taste map.