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Subscribe to a box matched to your taste, every time

The Drop is Stompy's premium wine experience. Setup your recurring order and every time we'll select you a custom box of wines matched to your unique taste. You get 7 days to adjust & swap your bottles before they ship.

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Matched to your taste & preferences
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Adjustable frequency & order date

Subscribe to your unique taste in wine

"Subscribe" doesn't have to mean "send me anything" or "send me the same as everyone else". We designed The Drop to be the world's most taste-personalized AND flexible wine subscription. Our taste algorithm does the taste bud tracking to bubble up only the perfect wines for your taste.

Let me curate and source the best for you

I want to share my experience and networks in the wine industry to find you sustainable wines made with soul & purpose. Wines that are simply made a better way. These are wines that I'd share with my close friends. In our curation you'll find sustainable wines that are often natural, organic or vegan. You can filter your selection by those methods.

More about me

Sip & rate, Stompy learns your taste.

Taste is not a static sense. It evolves overtime. Stompy evolves with your taste. All you have to do is sip & rate your wines. Our taste mapping system builds a very detailed understanding of your taste across 900 subtle variables we measure, just for you.

The Drop Experience

Start your taste profile

Yes, it's a wine "quiz" (another eye-roll wine quiz) but our Taste Mapper is a quiz like no other. It's simple and easy on the front, but behind our quiz is a completely new organizing and logic system for wine that goes beyond styles and tasting notes. We track over 900 subtle variations in what people enjoy or dislike in wine. Think of it as your taste fingerprint.

Start your profile

Reserved for 7 days, for you to adjust & finalize.

We won't just send you wine without you knowing what's coming. Your selection is matched and reserved for you 7 days before your order date. Swap out bottles for the next best match or adjust any part of your order (size, styles, price). Enjoy total flexibility before it ships and know your bottles are put aside just for you.

Shop by dietary & methods

Stompy orders can be customized and selections filtered by your specific dietary needs. Pick vegan, organic, or natural and only those category of wines will bubble up for you.


Pick a price tier for each bottle

Your selection box is always built around your personal preferences. The Drop allows you to set your blended price tier for each bottle in your box. "$" tier wines are $23.99 and "$$" are $34.99.

Set your colors & styles

With The Drop you have the unique ability to set your colors & styles for the overall box or set specific styles for each bottle in the box. Let's say you want 2 bottles of red, 1 bottle of sparkling, and 1 bottle of white, then we'll pick the best taste match based on this bottle configuration. One-off Grab'n Go customers can only set box level styles.

Swap to the next best match

It's a powerful little button that makes discovering your next drop a breeze. Simply tap the swap button to get selected the next best selection based on your current taste map data. Remember to always rate you previous wines for your most up to date wine matching.

Frequency freedom, get it when you want it

Pick from 2 weeks to 3 months and adjust your frequency whenever you like. Control your own order date yourself and delay your order if the need arises.