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Stephen Wong, Master of Wine & Co-founder

"Simply put, we care about what people drink."

We care about what you drink. Its that simple. We sweat the details, and do the hard work so you don't have to. Our team of experts scour the globe building relationships with winemakers, understanding their philosophies. We go looking for the world's best quality wines, not the world's biggest bulk wine sale. We visit, we taste, we rate, we call, we email, we ask for verification of claims, and we check their stories.

We're committed to wines of quality, sustainability and variety. All wines on Stompy meet...

The Stompy Standard

1. We sip, sample & swirl every wine.

Every wine on Stompy has passed our lips. We sample & explore hundreds of newly released wines each year to bring you only the best. We use our professional wine training to assess for quality, style and soulfulness so that we are sure you are going to be matched with only the best of small production wines.

2. We know who the maker is.

We don't want to know which company, organization or region made a wine, but who the winemaking person/s was. They determine the input and subsequently the quality of the output. The buck starts with them.

3. We know how they made it.

Wine (alcohol) is the ONLY food is the US that doesn't need to label its ingredients... hmm. That's not good, like a lot of the ingredients that get added to wines. The wines that meet the Stompy Standard are lower intervention wines that have less added to them.

4. We know the land that the grapes grew on.

Stephen and the team put a lot of time into not just knowing our wines and their producers, but exactly what vineyards the grapes came from. The environment a grape grows in adds so much to the character of a wine, we MUST know those details.

5. We know how the grapes were farmed.

We believe in guardianship of the land, and in being its caretaker. Some farmers can't afford expensive organic certification but it doesn't mean they're not protecting the land and giving it the utmost respect.


Dive into our wine page and you'll see the research, assessment and perspective we give each wine on Stompy.

Current wines
"What if I want a mix of certain color wines, like red & rosé?"

We build each box not just matching it to your taste, but also your preferences like red, white, rosé, natural or sparkling. You'll never get a cookie-cutter wine selection, every box is created from scratch for you.

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